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How To Start Hiring

Start Today For a Great Future

Need help with your project? Are you looking for some very special development? Do you simply need to find freelancers worldwide? You came to the right place!

  • How does this service work?

    When you register, you can immediately post job offers for your projects. These proposals are for carrying out specialized work and must have an announced end.

  • Do I have a cost when registering my company?

    There is no cost when registering an employer profile on our platform.

  • Do I have any costs when registering job offers?

    There is no cost when registering your job offers for freelancers.


Manage your payments

3 questions about payments

During the acquisition of your work and until payment, know the rules we have established so that you do not take risks when working with us.

  • When hiring a freelancer whom do I pay?

    Payment is always made to our platform so that we can protect your company. The freelancer only receives when he finishes the job. If there is a problem you can open a dispute and get your payment back, if something goes wrong

  • When hiring a freelancer, when do I pay?

    When you hire a freelancer you immediately pay for our platform.

  • And if something goes wrong who guarantees the service contract and the payment made?

    If something goes wrong with the freelancer, the platform ensures that you will be refunded for what you paid.


Getting Into Business

Focus on Your Work & Team

Find out how to manage the platform's resources and how to choose the best freelancer to do your job.

  • How do I create a job proposal?

    In your management panel you will find the option to create new proposals as well as other tools to manage your account.

  • Who should I choose to do my job?

    When freelancers respond, you should analyze their information and choose the one that you consider most similar to what you want for your project.

  • What if something goes wrong can I open a dispute?

    You can open a dispute in your management panel and we will analyze the situation to find the best solution.